3 Wines To Share This Valentine’s Day

It’s not just a celebration of romantic love, it’s also about celebrating what you love

February is a month to celebrate love. Maybe you’ll celebrate romantic love on Valentine’s Day, or share the love you have for friends and family by cooking a meal and opening a bottle of wine. 

If none of this resonates, it’s also the perfect time of year to appreciate the things that make a long winter even more delicious. And to us, that includes a bottle of Oregon Wine.  

Below, we recommend these three Oregon Wines to share with your loved ones. These bottles happen to be love-themed in name…and in the way they’ve been made by the wineries. 

Pinot Noir fans will notice there isn’t one in this list. Oregon winemakers produce such an exciting variety of red and white grapes, and we wanted to share the love with Gamays, Syrahs and Gewürz grapes that help make up the true character of the Oregon Wine scene.


Evolution Red 9th Edition, Sokol Blosser NV

A beautiful blend from Sokol Blosser’s estate, perfect for your Valentine’s night-in with a joint of meat, a tomato-based pasta dish or a simple plate of charcuterie. Bright and fresh, Pinot Noir, Shiraz/Syrah, Zinfandel blend make for an easy food pairing wine. It’s full bodied, with aromas of cherry, strawberry and red plum. 


Keeper Of The Flame Gewürztraminer 2020, Ovum Wines 

The name even sounds a little romantic. Referencing Nina Simone (as all Ovum wine names do), this 2020 Gewurz that comes from Oregon’s most well-reputed white wine producers. In fact, Ovum only produces white wines – mostly uses Muscat, Gewürztraminer, and Riesling grapes.  Picked from Rogue Valley AVA, this white wine has blood orange aromas and “shows good gobs of minerality.” Perfect for cold-weather feasting, pair with pork, duck, or a flavourful roasted fish.


Impulse Gamay Noir 2016, Stedt Wines

A Gamay is an interesting click away from Oregon’s beloved Pinot Noir. This wine is light, delicate and plummy.  Notes include savoury herbs and cedar with white flowers on the nose.  It’s perfect for lunch fare – salads, charcuterie or game.