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Every wine comes from a place, but the best wine can only come from an extraordinary place. Welcome to Oregon.

Oregon is a world-class wine region with more than 900 wineries and more than 1,000 vineyards growing 72 grape varieties. Yet 70 percent of these wineries produce less than 5000 cases of wine annually. It is a place of craftmanship, a place where a winemaker’s heart is poured into every bottle.

Some places channel your energies. They direct your hands. They focus your intentions. Some places cultivate purpose, inspire the spirit, and move the heart. But of all the places, no place is like this place: the coastal ranges, high deserts, and wide valleys of Oregon. A place of rugged grace. Open invitations. And the determination that anything’s possible given enough time and effort and patience.

Oregon wine is sourced from the power and the purpose of the place. Producing vintages of remarkable balance and depth. Risk, resilience, and reward. Expressions you’ll discover with every visit and every glass, tracing the adventure and character back to the people who make it.

That’s the story of Oregon’s wine industry, which over the past decade hasn’t lost sight of its values: family-owned farms, attention to place, and an uncompromising focus on crafting singular, expressive wines.