The finest Oregon Pinot noir for a memorable Valentine’s Day

Artists, writers and philosophers have linked wine to love, sex and romance throughout the ages. From Ovid in 17 A.D. who wrote wine “warms the blood, adds lustre to the eyes, and wine and love have ever been allies” to Marilyn Monroe who claimed, “Men are like wine; they improve with age”.

The well-known phrase, in vino veritas, suggests that drinking wine can make us more likely to reveal hidden thoughts and desires, so perhaps this Valentine’s Day could be an opportunity to share a bottle of wine with someone and tell them how you feel!

Pinot noir is generally considered the sexiest of grape varieties. With its wonderful aromas of strawberry and raspberry coupled with notes of truffle and leather, there is both the sensual and more carnal hidden in Pinot noir. The texture is silky and supple, and a good Pinot noir will have noticeably good length, leaving magical flavours and beckoning seductively for more.

Perhaps what makes Pinot noir even more desirable is that it is a very challenging grape to grow – winemakers must get all the conditions just right to be rewarded with a truly tempting wine. The clay-loam soils of Oregon are perfect for this temperamental grape, which has been cultivated with much success giving Oregon the well-deserved reputation of producing some of the finest Pinot noirs in the world.

For a Valentine’s Day to remember, why not try: 


Twill Cellars Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, 2018

Available at The Wine Reserve for £32:99 


This is a wonderfully aromatic wine, with notes of orange, cranberry, cherry, hibiscus and strawberry. These aromas, together with flavours of resinous red fruits, spice and blood orange will linger on your palate in a bright, rich finish.

Seven of Hearts

Seven Of Hearts Pinot Noir 2019

Available at Hennings Wine for £33:95


Add extra hearts to your evening with this small production Willamette Valley Pinot noir, released young to show its approachability. The palate is lush and complex with notes of cherry, strawberry and redcurrant, with undertones of oak and baking spice. There is a lovely, lingering finish and this wine can be drunk alone or with a seductive meal!