Oregon still leads the charge in B Corp certification for wineries

And how UK consumers use B Corp values to steer decision making

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In a new report by Trustpilot, the review platform asked consumers  ‘What would make you more likely to buy [from a brand]?’ In order, the top three responses were: be honest and transparent about their activities and impact they have on the planet and society, have an excellent product or service and treat their employees and the world around them with respect. 

This response reveals a shift in consumer mindset – prioritising, where they can, authentic commitments to transparency, environmental impact, employees and community over convenience or price. 

When searching for a product or service that aligns to these values, certification becomes invaluable for the eco-aware consumer. And there is one globally recognised certification now synonymous with mission-locking businesses: B Corporation. 

In the United Kingdom, B Corp is gaining recognition with shoppers. According to a survey conducted in July 2021, about 69.6 percent of UK respondents said they would be more likely to purchase from a B Corp certified business. 

And this is reflected in the increase in B Corp submissions. B Lab (the certifying body of B Corp) is currently processing 38 percent more business submissions in comparison to the 2019/20 intake. 

In viticulture, the first UK winery achieved B Corp status in January this year.  This British wine label follows in the footsteps of other planet-minded wineries in international markets. This leads us back to Oregon, where there are more wineries with B Corp certification than anywhere else in the world. 

Seven Oregon wineries have B Corp status - which makes up 30% of B Corp certified wineries globally. 

Across the board, these seven wineries scored above the median range for ordinary businesses. The areas in which they excelled include low impact farming, environmental impact, agricultural innovation, and local economic development.

In 2015, Sokol Blosser Winery started their B Corp certified  journey and have worked with B Lab to improve their scores year on year. Most recently, Sokol achieved an exceptional overall score of 136.8. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9. They also won Best For The World: Environment in 2021. 

It takes true character and conviction to commit to stringent B Corp requirements and improve with each B Corp assessment. In a statement released shortly after winning Best For The World: Environment Award 2021, Sokol Blosser’s founders shared their vision: “Being good stewards of the land to leave it in as good or better shape for the next generation is a key part of being sustainable at Sokol Blosser.” 

“Our long-term viability and success as a company is dependent on how we treat our staff and the community around us, how we care for the environment on a local and global scale, and running a profitable, well governed business.”

Increasing consumer recognition of B Corp is a huge win for Oregon’s Wine industry. With so many wineries already integrating regenerative and sustainable practices into wine production, consumers can trust Oregon’s most loved wineries to make wine with depth of flavour, while honouring land, environment and local communities. 

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