Division Pinot Noir ‘Deux’, Eola Springs Vineyard, Eola Amity Hills, 2017


The Producer

Division Winemaking Co. is a Portland, Oregon based winery founded in 2010 by Kate Norris and Thomas Monroe and inspired by the wineries of the Loire, Beaujolais, Burgundy and the Northern Rhone where they first learned winemaking and viticulture. Determined to make approachable and balanced wines through minimal manipulation, Kate and Tom have a passion to work with well farmed terroir expressive vineyards, many of which are organic and/or Biodynamic, celebrating the varietals they as winemakers love to drink.

The Wine

Division Pinot Noir ‘Deux’ has many striking aspects, but perhaps most striking is the wine’s complex salinity which is as a result of terroir, as well as it’s incredible length on the palate thanks to the use of old vines. Aromatically, the wine will make you think of boysenberries smashed in briny sand and crushed shells. On the palate, it has a weighty, glycerol mouth-feel. Expect this medium bodied wine to be a fine aged indeed, while still delivering a very pleasant youthful wine for your glass.

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